Anderssons Personal

* was started in 1998

* Sueli Andersson comes from Brazil and has more than 15 years of experience in management, recruitment, training and sales. She has also worked with quality standard and managed one of field in ISO certification.

Our goal has always been to

* work close to our customers. What’s important to the cutomer is important to us.

* have right person on the right job.

We offer these services:

  • * Office Cleaning
  • * House Cleaning
  • * Window Cleaning
  • * Drainage Cleaning
  • * Floor care of various floor materials

Added to above we also offer certain household services. For example: home cleaning, help at parties, some help with elderly care, cleaning of summer house, and some gardening.

For your safety:

  • * have confidentiality – so our customers feels safe.
  • * are SRY-certified.
  • * are affiliated to Almega.
  • * have an environmental policy – our services are performed with utmost respect for the environment.
  • * have a quality policy – our goal is to exceed your expectations.